Functor Prevent™ Cloud Services
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Register now to use the service free of charge with all features enabled, for a limited time. We just ask for your feedback on features we roll out, and requests for features that you need. Simply click this button:

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You get your own project dashboard with the standard features free of charge. For commercial users, we offer plans with the most competitive pricing in the industry, although our technology is more versatile and covers more bugs with full precision.

And yet, we offer next genration static analysis that is capable of preventing over 50% of the bugs in some projects. This is possible with our new technology, based on research and years of development with industrial experts, that can prevent more bugs than any previous generation tools with their defect elimination capabilities (in contrast to defeect prevention) This new technology is based on logic and not approximation theory, avoiding false positives and with full precision and reliable facts about the state of the code. Moreover, with Functor Hybrid Testing™ multiple test cases can be subsumed by just one standard C test case. Coverage metrics can reach even full state space coverage (billions of states checked with extreme performance just the same). A powerful automatic theorem prover does this work to the fullest, so that developers and testers become more productive. As a result, quality and testability can improve significantly.

Functor Prevent™ Cloud Services provides team performance monitoring and quality metrics, to help managers make informed decisions. Time to market can be reduced, and controlled, and hence risks reduced. Added to this, we are constantly rolling out more and more features, which are immediately available from your project dashboard, all included in the extended plan, and most of them also in the standard plan. Subject to our Terms of Service, your plan can change at any time, upgrading or downgrading it, adding or removing team members, on a monthly basis. With the pay-as-you-go option we offer the most cost-effective solution for smaller projects, or for assessing the value of our service and its various features, suitable also for seting up the service gradually tailored for your specific needs and budget constraints.


EUR1Per Accumulated Defect Complexity

Price is based on the accummulated computational complexity of the bugs identified and prevented only, with the same fast cloud computing, analysis runs scheduled or started and monitored in real-time, free dashboard with diagrams and configurable reports and alerts


EUR490 Per Team Member/Month

Ultra-fast Prevent™ VM instances in the cloud, constantly running on your project's code, EU on-site support top-up, views and features for developers, testers, and managers to make informed decision and monitor project progress and code quality, Functor Hybrid Testing™ with test coverage metrics and code quality insights, project performance and team member statistics


EUR990.00Per Team Member/Month

EU on-site integration with CI/CB and build tools, extended and customisable reports, advanced analysis functions enabled, all features available and configurable with views for stakeholders in your team, monitoring, alerts, scheduling, statistical analysis, advanced coverage metrics, real-time monitoring of analytics, parallel Prevent™ analysis runs, per-commit and continuous analytics

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