As you may have heard, we have launched Functor Prevent™ Cloud Services. If you create an account as a potential early adopter or evaluator, we offer, for a limited time, free access to all services (commercial users do not need a subscription plan). We offer this since we roll out, gradually, new features (statistics, reporting combined with our static analysis reports). We just ask for your feedback, running on code of your choice, with full reports. Your account comes with a dashboard showing graphically what Functor Prevent™ achieved on the version controlled Linux 3.x kernel, embedded operating systems such as Contiki and TinyOS for IoT, and microcontroller libraries, the entire Erlang/OTP codebase, MySQL, OpenSSL (showing it would have prevented Heartbleed), multicore libraries, NVIDIA CUDA libraries, and many more projects. Without yourself uploading or connecting to your own code, or project, you can suggest to us more projects and libraries. Powerful servers are ready and running! New virtual instances are created for each codebase. Team analytics works with Git repositories, for example. Select "Register Account" in the Pay-as-you-Go plan, and you are all set up.

Functor was founded in 2011 and is a research spin-off from Uppsala University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Stockholm University and KTH/Royal institute of Technology. Based on vast international research, we offer new tools for static code analysis of programs that eliminate defects and bugs in software, a new testing method, and an entirely new modelling language based on mathematics but admitting domain-modelling in general, without exposing the core of mathematical precision, but with interoperability with e.g. ANSI C, bridging the gap between high-level models and low-level high performance realisations of the these. A demanding market segment, with significant values to harvest from our products, is the segment of embedded software, mission-critical, and safety-critical software. But anyone who does testing is a potential customer to Functor AB, with our new Functor Hybrid Testing™ method to improve productivity and quality of code, and decrease lead times and thus risks.

Functor’s mission is to introduce new tools and even a new programming paradigm based on new research results. The research in question has a very solid mathematical foundation and goes back several decades. Functor AB is the first company to leverage this research and offer it to the software industry world-wide.

Functor AB embraces existing tools and does not position itself as a competitor to e.g. existing methods, existing powerful static analysis tools and certainly not software testing tools and consultancy. However, Functor AB is regarded to offer complementary technology that can have striking impact on several aspects of software development. Functor AB founds a new development method on its own technology which has many advantages and is derived from other state-of-the-art methods which do not have a technological foundation to stand on. The foundation of the method offered by Functor is based on decades of research in mathematics and programming, and therefore it is furthermore a very solid foundation for software development, to serve the future demands on productivity, software quality and computational efficiency.